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Finding ways to better serve the people of our communities since 1983.

GRX Holdings, wholly owned by OneroRx, Inc., has 24 Central Iowa pharmacies, including Medicap Pharmacy, Medicap Pharmacy LTC, Oakland Pharmacy, and Midwest Compounding.

Our mission is to:

Provide consistent, quality personal service to our patients

Be genuinely concerned for our patient’s overall health

Provide our patients with needed health information

Always be readily available to our patients

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Medicap Pharmacy was founded in 1972 in Des Moines, IA. From our tradition of personal, professional care to the innovative, customer friendly design of our pharmacy, a customer will know that their healthcare needs are first and foremost with us. Beyond filling prescriptions, we offer medication packaging, immunizations, and more.

Medicap Pharmcy LTC Logo

Medicap Pharmacy LTC is an ACHC accredited "Closed Door" pharmacy that has been providing services for a wide range of clients such as; skilled nursing facilities, assisted living, hospice, group homes, and pediatrics for the past 25 years. Featured services include multiple packaging systems and infusion therapy. They are dedicated to providing facilities with the highest standard of care and a program unique to their needs.

Serving western Iowa in Oakland and the surrounding communities, Oakland Pharmacy is an important resource for healthcare. As a community pharmacy, the team offers medication synchronization, packaging, front-end services, and so much more. They can deliver, too!

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Midwest Compounding's staff are specially trained to prepare customized medications and to meet customer's special and unique medication needs - even animals. We are able to precisely compound medications to exact specifications, which allows us to offer the patient significant advantages over traditional dosage forms by creating the best medication for each patient, administered by the most appropriate route to treat a specific problem. 

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